The 1/2 Hour Show is a unique look at our community as viewed from a couple of our favorite lawn chairs. Comical yet deep in a 30 minute sort of way.

How it Happened

It's not complicated. We simply take a half our of our time, sitting in somewhat comfy lawn chairs, to watch life happen. Also, while we respond, we don't instigate conversation. Preferring to instead observe how interesting everyday things can be. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.






Where do we get the ideas for episodes? We have been lucky as ideas have come from every where. Sometimes we just drive by and see something that looks interesting, sometimes we read about them. Also friends, groups, businesses all have called to offer ideas. Some have been our best episodes. Some...not so much.

Public Access Cable is a great thing. Once we heard about it we will they fill all that programming time? The answer came to us quickly...a half hour at a time...just a half hour at a time.


The Idea is Key